Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Getting Ready for Fall

Do you live in a place where the seasons change so much that you need to get ready for it?
We live in a place where the leaves turn to beautiful colors, the air has a nip in it, and where you can smell your neighbors fireplaces or wood stoves working. We pull out the big sweaters and electric blankets to keep warm.

Or do you live in place where it's always summer or spring?  If you do live in those places where it's always sunny and warm, I am envious of you.  We once lived in both New Mexico and Louisiana. There was something wonderful about wearing shorts on Christmas!

But for the rest of you, and for us now, we need to get ready for the cold weather that is coming our way.

The jobs seem to be divided between Hubby and me.  He does a few things and I do others.

We used to lose power almost every winter for several years. Our town and the utility company spent a lot of money and manpower and worked very hard to free up the power lines so that the last few years we have not lost power.  You know the saying right " The best laid plans..."  So we get ready to lose power anyway just in case.

One of the first things we do (I do) is clean these kerosene lamps.  We have several throughout the house.  Once the lamp is lit, it reflects in the disk behind it and so lights up the room.  We have them in the bedroom, kitchen, dining area, stairs, and family room.  In the event that we need them, they are clean and filled with fresh kerosene and even a new wick if needed.

The other thing to do is to rearrange  the closet.  Our house is old, so the closets are small.  I have some fall clothes up in the attic and I get them down and decide what I will be wearing. Now is the time to decide, did I wear it last year/ will I be wearing it this year?  If not, it goes into a pile to donate.  Winter coats - do they fit (yes we have more than one winter coat, some are long and really keep me warm, others are short and great for a quick trip out in the car, or to go out shoveling, or sledding.  Do they fit?  I lost a lot of weight and for the most part, none of them really fit me well at all.  So they are going to be donated.  Take pictures so you have a record of what you donated for tax purposes.
Go through all your clothes, PJ's, dresses, shoes, sweaters, sweatshirts, socks, whatever you have.  Now is the time to help others.  There are families-in-transition centers where those things can be used to help others.

Hubby bought the oil and wood pellet fuel for the winter, and I put the electric blanket back on the bed!  While I'm talking about the bed, is your bedspread nice but you just don't use it anymore, donate that as well.  Towels can also be donated (perhaps you have a favorite groomer, they can use the towels as they go through them fast).

There is more, but that is all I'm talking about today.  More, later this week.  Chime in! What have you done to get ready for the colder temperatures?


  1. Well, I live in central Florida so we are one of those places where it stays warm and sunny through all four seasons, but we do have clothes to switch out. Longer sleeves, sweaters, ankle boots... we wear them in January & February. I'm glad you are getting prepared for your bitter winters!

  2. I lived in Illinois for 38 years. I never did change out my clothing for the seasons. Now I am in Southern California so we can pretty much wear the same things most of the year. I hope your Winter isn't very bad this year.