Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Catching Up

Good Morning,

Usually on Wednesday there is a Wednesday Hodgepodge from Joyce over at "From This Side of the Pond." Joyce is taking some well deserved time off.  You know letting life happen and being able to enjoy it and be present for it.  I'm so happy for her and proud that she recognizes that she needs to take time off.

It gives me an opporunity to play cahch up with all of you.

We are enjoying retirement and being able to make plans, change plans and do other stuff instead without feeling one bit upset about that.  We nap when we want to, eat when and what we want to,  and play at whatever we want to.  God is so good, allowing us this time together.

My health holds steady.  I'm on a new treatment that has "Death" listed as a possible side effect which was a bit scary at first, but 5 weeks into the new treatment, I'm still standing and feeling good.  There are heavy steroids involved which stay in my body for 36 hours so I have a "steroid high" for a solid day and half.  I'll take that over Death, any day!!  I still have good days and bad days but thanks to God, I've been blessed with more good days.  I feel so many prayers going up to God on our behalf.  To say that this treatment is a breeze would not be true, however, I'm holding up pretty well compared to others who are on this same regimen.

Our grandgirls are a blast to be around! They makes us feel both young and tired at the same time.  Our daughter and son-in-law are fantastic parents and have raised great girls.  We love having them around and are so happy that we get to watch them.  It both helps out our daughter and son-in-law with work schedules and allows us to play with them for a few hours a week.

Our Littles are still little and one of them, Divine, loves this summer  heat -which we are having a lot of - while August is like Hubby and looking for cool spots to wait this heat out.  AC is his best friend at the moment.

We are having a heat/rain wave.  It seams that it is either really hot or really wet!  We've had several days of downpours (glad we live on a mountain) and then it's just hot and muggy.  I love it but  no one else seems to.  Winter is long and cold up here in New Hampshire so when summer finally shows up, I take full pleasure in it.

Well, I guess that's me in a nut shell.  We are here, we are blessed, we are happy and happily retired.  
How are you doing?


  1. The dogs are so super adorable!!!! How sweet! Happy Wednesday! Hugs!

  2. Lynn, I love the attitude you have about your illness. I just hope if my cancer every comes back, that my attitude will be even half as good as yours. Keep on moving on and know when God brings you to mind, I pray for you.

  3. We are also blessed and happy and dealing with some health issues in the best ways possible. Our pale in comparison to yours. You are a great example faith and trust and you remain in my prayers!! Fun photos of your pups!

  4. My hubby's son and family are vacationing/fishing in New Hampshire this week and sharing pix on Facebook. I can't get over how lovely your scenery!

    Praying that this new treatment continues to afford you more GOOD days.

  5. Hasn't this weather just been the pits? (I'm in Meredith, NH) This was the week that my air conditioner in the bedroom decided to quit after 15 years. I know I got my money's worth, but why now?
    The stores are limited with what they have, so the one I wanted from Home Depot will arrive tomorrow.
    Praying that the new treatment works for you. Know that some of those prayers are from me!

  6. We have had lots of high temps in the triple digits. This week has been lower in the 80s and 90s and feels much cooler! When we were in DC it was hot there and really hot here, like 109.

    Nice to visit you today and read your update. God bless you.